INRAAI14X3 OBJECTIVES After the course the students - Understand the basics of production of steel, - Can apply the basics of material properties of steel, - Can use and find information regarding to steel products. - Can design laterally restrained beams at cross section classes 1-3, - Can design axially loaded columns at cross section classes 1-3, - Are able to recognize typical joints in steel structure - Can design simple bolted connection. - Are aware of corrosion protection of steel structures. - Are aware of fire protection of steel structures. - Can describe basics of steel construction manufacturing and erection methods - Are able to use Eurocode 1993-1-1. CONTENT Production of steel, properties of steel (stress - strain relationship), steel products for building applications, Design of members under tension, design of restrained beams, design of axially loaded columns, design of bolted connection, preventing corrosion.