Pedagogical Training for Professional Teacher Development – Professional Development Certificate for Teachers in Finland for a group of 30 professors to support KRG vision of building a professional teacher academy in the future.

The academy will operate in 15 universities, which provide teacher training currently. The group will study in Finland for two months and continue a guided implementation phase for four months in Kurdistan. The programme extent is 12 ECTS* (324 student learning hours) for a group of thirty (30) professors. Out of the total credits, 9 ECTS (243 student learning hours) will be conducted in Finland over 40 working (days/8-9) weeks and 3 ECTS (80 student learning hours) will be reserved for the development project (implementation time 4 months) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq IKRI. The training will begin on Monday 24th of September 2018 and the final seminar will be on Monday 26th of March 2019.