Pedagogical Training for Professional Teacher Development II is a tailored programme to support KRG vision of reforming higher education.

The training program starts with an online training (3 weeks) and the intensive training (6 weeks) in Finland followed by a 4-month development project in Kurdistan.

The programme extent is 22 ECTS* (590 student learning hours) for a group of twenty-five (25) professors. Out of the total credits, 9 ECTS (approximately 240 student learning hours, 50 working days) will be conducted online (3 weeks) and in Finland over (6 weeks), and 13 ECTS (350 student learning hours) will be reserved for the development project (implementation time 4 months) in KRG.

The intensive training covers the following 5 major themes:

  • Student-centered approach & Innovative pedagogical methods
  • Innovative pedagogical methods, e.g. PBLs and assessment
  • Competence-based curriculum
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • University-business Cooperation

The 4-month development project in Kurdistan Region of Iraq focuses on each participant’s own development project within his / her own institution, as well as the cooperation network that has been formed between the participating teachers.

At the end of the training program, a final seminar and competence demonstration will be held.